Getting your pilot’s licence? You’ll need a pilot medical.

Dr David Payne is an Aviation Medical Examiner for many countries in the Pacific Region

The Civil Aviation Authority requires pilots in New Zealand to have a medical performed by a CAA designated Medical Examiner. Dr David Payne is a qualified CAA Medical Examiner and can provide examinations and issue certificates for all three pilot and air traffic control licenses.

Dr David Payne is an Aviation Medical Examiner for many countries in the Pacific Region

  • CAA New Zealand
  • CASA Australia
  • CASA Papua New Guinea
  • FAA (USA)
  • CAA UK (class 1 renewals and revalidations as well as class 2 initial issue)
  • CAA Fiji
  • Hong Kong CAD
  • Transport Canada Civil Aviation Medical Examiner

FAA (USA) must be done in Wellington or Queenstown and Hong Kong CAD and CAA UK must be done in Wellington.

If you need more information on pilot medicals and certificate applications, please visit the Civil Aviation Website.

If you have any questions regarding medicals please email or call me

How long does a pilot medical take?

Allow 30 minutes for a medical but a first issue can take a little longer. If you need any other tests then I may need some additional time, but I’ll let you know how long I need when you book.

What to bring to your examination

Please bring the following documents and information to your medical:


Pilot medicals are $320 (NZ, CASA Aus, CAAF, HKCAD)

Transport Canada $350

FAA Medical $350

CASA PNG Medical $400

CAA UK Medical $350

More than one country = $160 for each additional country

ECG – $40

Spirometry $40

Audiometry – $40

Extensions due to COVID

NZ CAA Medicals are able to be extended for 60 days.

Please email me for the information sheet regarding this

The cost for this is free if I end up seeing you for the medical, however if you do not end up seeing me for the eventual medical the charge for the extension is $160.